In many ways there is no more important aspect to the production of a text, be it online or in print, than the proofreading and copy editing stage. A text which appears with errors in the spelling, grammar and layout, as well as awkwardness in the prose and flow of language, will instantly 'turn off' the reader; equally, a pristine manuscript will deliver an unmistakable sheen of professionalism. Moreover, it is surprisingly easy to overlook such superficial errors when focussing on more esoteric aspects to the text; even if the author has gone through the text countless times, his or her proximity to the work means that inevitably certain errors slip through. The solution? An Addison and Cole proofreading service.

Addison and Cole offers a highly professional proofreading and copy-editing service. 'Proofreading' refers to examining the spelling, punctuation and grammar, whereas 'copy editing' means checking the language for consistency, repetition, flow and so on. Both can be carried out at the same time.

All of our proofreaders are fully qualified and benefit from a wealth of experience. They come from a range of backgrounds and have different areas of expertise, so we will always be able to find a proofreader to suit your project.


Around £16 per hour, depending upon the nature and complexity of the project. Contact us for a quotation.

Details of payment can be found at our submission guidelines page.


VIP service

We always endeavour to complete your proofreading within 3 weeks. However, we also offer a VIP service which guarantees completion within 5 working days. The charge for this is an additional 50% of the usual fee.

Interested? Contact us.