More reasons to use Addison and Cole.

Addison and Cole provides a highly professional and committed service at an affordable cost. Our expert proofreaders are known not only for their experience and expertise but also for their energy and enthusiasm. What's more, Addison and Cole proofreaders read their manuscripts not once but twice, at no further cost; this ensures that absolutely nothing is missed out and your manuscript will go to press in pristine condition. So why not try out Addison and Cole? We are confident that you will be impressed with our professionalism and expertise, and want to work with us again and again.

Addison and Cole provides a range of highly professional editorial and design services for the publishing industry. As a fresh, dynamic organisation we bring energy and expertise to everything we do. With Addison and Cole you can rest assured that your publications will bear the hallmark of excellence.

Why use Addison and Cole?

• We are available on demand, willing to step in whenever you need us and accommodate the tightest deadlines

• We are highly affordable, providing the best value for money on the market

• We are exceptionally thorough, going through manuscripts not once but twice, each time with a fine tooth comb

• We are always contactable, not just by email but by mobile phone and Blackberry

• We are enthusiastic, energetic and committed - no tired old editors here! Everyone who works for Addison and Cole has been hand-picked for their dynamism

• Our team has a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, making us uniquely adaptable to the needs of your project

Whatever your readership and market, why not give us a try? Take the first step and contact us now.