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If you are interested in getting published you really need a cast-iron determination. Even the best writers have had to deal with frequent rejections from literary agents and publishers, often over many years. It's a pipe-dream to think you can be published without being rejected. It's part of the course. So grit your teeth and set your eyes firmly on your goal.

If your work looks amauterish, literary agents and publishers will never give it serious consideration. The basic rules of thumb are to make sure you use size 12 Times New Roman font and double-space your manuscript. But there's more to it than that. If you really want to impress a literary agent or a publisher, and you really want to get published, take submissions seriously. At Addison & Cole we can provide a specialist consultant to look over your submission in advance and point out its strengths and weaknesses. This can be extremely valuable. Visit our services and fees for more information.

Addison and Cole's scriptwriting editors have a wealth of experience with film, television, theatre and radio. They will provide you wth professional insights and feedback that has proven invaluable in turning a project with potential into a real success.

Please note that if you would like an editor to look at your work a second time, or you wish to develop a mentor-style relationship with an editor, we will provide a bespoke quotation on the basis of an hourly rate. Visit ongoing editorial work for more details.

We offer three main services:


1. Treatment consultancy

Whether you have written your script or not, sooner or later you will need to develop your synopsis into a fully-fledged 'Treatment'. A 'Treatment' refers to a more full-realized version of a synopsis which communicates the basic elements of the script in a manner that will stimulate excitement and interest. As it is intended to act as a persuasive selling document, it often uses colourful language and enticing visions of how the finished product might look.

Some writers prefer to write the Treatment before starting the script itself while others do it the other way round. Either way, because the Treatment is such a vital part of the success of your script, it makes sense to receive input at this critical stage from a professional who knows what will impress people in the industry. Here's how it works:

1. You send us a proposal, synopsis, draft Treatment or finished Treatment, and a covering letter explaining the background to yourself and your project.

2. One of our editors reads your material, interviews you by telephone then emails you an analysis with suggested solutions and action plans.


Treatment up to 10 pages: £150

Treatment up to 30 pages: £200

Treatment up to 50 pages: £275

Thereafter an additional £1.50 per page

Interested? Please read our submission guidelines.

Details of payment can be found at our payment page.



2. Script consultancy

Whether you have finished your script or you are still working on it, our consultants are here to help. Their extensive experience of all forms of scriptwriting places them in a unique position to guide you in the direction of success. Here's how it works:

1. You send us your script so far and a covering letter that explains your thoughts and dilemmas.

2. One of our editors reads your material then emails you a comprehensive analysis with a range of solutions and action plans. This may include an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your work, as well as feedback on structure, dialogue, pacing and so on. Once you have received the report, you may arrange a telephone appointment to discuss it.


Script of up to 30 pages: £150

Script of up to 60 pages: £200

Script of up to 90 pages: £250

Script of up to 120 pages: £300

Thereafter an additional £1.50 per page

Interested? Please read our submission guidelines.

Details of payment can be found at our payment page.




3. Pitch and logline consultancy

No matter how good your script may be, it is all too easy to let yourself down with a lacklustre pitch. Potential buyers often make their minds up very quickly, and if the presentation looks amateurish it is bound to be rejected. Moreover, it can be extremely tricky to come up with a professional-sounding 'Logline', the effectiveness of which can be make or break. A 'Logline' is a couple of carefully-chosen lines used when pitching your script to buyers. It is usually the first thing they will look at, and is often seen as the most important. For these reasons, it is a good idea to allow one of our consultants to go through your finished product with you with particular attention to your pitch and Logline, making sure that you are giving yourself the very best chances of success; then you will be able to pitch your script with confidence. Here's how it works:

1. You send us your proposed submission package.

2. One of our editors reads your material then emails you an analysis and suggestions for improvement.

3. Please note that the aim of this particular service is to allow your pitch to create the best possible ‘first impression’ on potential buyers. It addresses practicalities such as the quality of your Logline and Treatment, and presentation of your script. It does not, however, include an analysis of the content of the script itself.

Fee: £250

Interested? Please read our submission guidelines.

Details of payment can be found at our payment page.



VIP service

We always endeavour to complete your consultancy within 4-6 weeks. However, we also offer a VIP service which guarantees completion within 10 working days. The charge for this is an additional 50% of the usual fee.

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